Referee Responsibilities, Qualifications and Pay Scale

Referee Responsibilites...What does a referee do?

Primary Job Function – Refereeing for youth soccer matches ages U7-U19 for Recreational, Academy and Select programs. Matches are generally played on Saturdays between 8am - 5pm at the Gulf Coast Complex typically between September-November and April-May. Our flexible schedule allows our referees to adjust games to meet their schedule. Referees can work a few matches or a lot, depending on their availability and interest. Matches for U9 and up include a center referee and 2 assistant referees (linesmen). Under 8 4v4 matches typically only have a center referee. 

Training, Assignment Progression – Beginners will complete US Soccer online training programs then attend a short 2-3 hour classroom clinic for game procedures.  Assignments will be made based on your abilities with younger match assignments to begin with and assistant referee positions.  After the first year of games, USSF certification is required which will allow referees to be assigned to higher level of matches as their abilities and confidence progress.  New referees and our Club Referees will typically be assigned to U7/8 and U9/10 (6-year old to 9-year old) games while learning. All matches outside our in-house games require STSR certified referees. 

Duties and responsibilities include:

· Annual referee certification/recertification

· Pre-game team check-in 10 minutes prior to game

· Game officiating

· Fair and courteous treatment of all participants and spectators

Required Qualifications:

· Background check (for those 18 years and older)

· Good communication skills

· Physically fit to handle the games

How much do referees earn?



Game Time

Pay Scale for

Club Referees

Pay Scale for

USSF Referees



Center Ref


Center Ref



4x10 Minutes

40 Minutes



25 Minutes

50 Minutes




30 Minutes

60 Minutes




35 Minutes

70 Minutes




40 Minutes

80 Minutes




45 Minutes

90 Minutes



*The referee pay scale is based on an approximate hourly pay rate that increases based on the difficulty of the game being refereed. Center referees are paid more than assistant referees based on the level of responsibility for their position.