Premier - U11-U12 (9v9) | U13-U19 (11v11)

Premier teams represent the most competitive teams in each age group, and therefore these players and parents are required to demonstrate a higher commitment to training and games.

Premier teams are coached and trained by our professional staff and are expected to train 9-10 months out of the year including offseason skills camps. They typically train (3) three days per week, in addition to weekend games. It is expected for Premier teams to play in the highest leagues available such as Division I-Qualifying (U11-U13), Division I (U14-U19), State Classic League or equivalent leagues.

Premier teams will play in 2-4 tournaments and/or college showcases per year depending on the age-group. Occasional out-of-state travel may be expected for high school age groups during the season. As such, Premier level players must have a substantial commitment to soccer for training and games, particularly at the U15-U19 level.



  • $610.00 year-round fees, installment plans available
  • Boys and Girls Teams
  • July 15 - December 15 | January 15 - June 15 (approximate start/stop dates, actual dates are dependent upon tournaments, showcases, camp dates, *HS season, etc.) 
  • Full-time professional head coach
  • Individual Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Training 2x/week
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) training and Functional training 1x/week
  • Preseason steam camp for fall and spring season included
  • Competes in Division I (U14-U19) or Division I-Qualifying (U11-U13) Leagues
  • Optional offseason camps available
  • HS aged teams will resume play after the HS season (approx. April 1) and participate in spring cups and/or college showcase events. 
  • College Placement Program Participation

Competitive Levels

Gulf Coast Soccer now offers two levels of competitive soccer to provide players with all ability and interest levels pathways to continue learning and growing as a team.  

Premier - for intermediate-to-advanced players who aspire to train and play at the highest level competition and want to play year-round. 

Select - for beginning-to-intermediate level competitive players